Game Designer (junior/intern)

About company  

Since 2015 Noor Games has already published 4 games. Moreover, we had the honor to reach #1 both in the US App Store and US Google Play. Eventually, we are really proud to win the hearts of over 80M players.

Work conditions

  1. Full time
  2. Remote
  3. Dream team
  4. Continuous growth


  1. Love and play mobile games, especially hyper/hybrid-casual games
  2. Send us your projects if you have created one of the following:
    • Game
    • Game Idea
    • Game mod or a map/level
    • UI/UX design or any other design work (industrial, architectural, web design, etc)


    1. Design hyper/hybrid-casual games from zero
    2. Create one-pager game design document for your game idea
    3. Pitch your game design to the design and development teams
    4. Work with the team to make the game you have designed
    5. Create game economy and balance it

      Preferred Qualifications

      1. Work on any game (even during a game jam or as a hobby)
      2. Read books about game design
      3. Work with Unity
      4. Work with Spreadsheets

      How to apply

      If you are interested, please send your resume and portfolio to the email address by August 30.