Where To Find The Best Development Team For Outsourcing Your Project

Introduction Are you a company or an individual looking for a software development team? Are you contemplating outsourcing? It is well known that current educational institutions do not keep up with the ever-growing demand for skilled software engineers in the world, and the situation is predicted to get worse in years to come. Therefore, companies and individuals are relying more and more on finding software developers either by hiring them from overseas or outsourcing the projects. On the other hand, in spite of centralization of workforce in the technological and industrial centers such as the bay area of the Silicon Valley in the USA or the Waterloo Region in Canada, the skill gap is affecting those areas as well. Because of the scarcity of IT professionals the development costs are very high and increasing. Finally, given the dynamics of trends in the information technologies sector, it is reasonable to create a prototype of the product and test it in the market before committing to a long term product development. In this case spending a lot of resources on recruiting, hiring, and training developers can be less effective than approaching a formed team of experienced individuals. For the purpose of developing a prototype, a short term contracts with an outsourcing vendor also could save money on development costs. This also applied…

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The Tax Compliant Citizens

Noor Games is proud to be awarded a certificate of tax compliance by the State Revenue Committee of Armenia. As of 28th of March, 2017, we are among the 76 firms that have passed a thorough examination and monitoring by the committee and are declared to meet the highest standards. This initiative by the RA government was launched in the beginning of 2017 and is aimed at further encouraging taxpayers to comply with all the taxation regulations. It involves publicising the information about the companies that have submitted to tax and customs authorities financial reports and data in a timeframe required by law and have had no breaches or liabilities to the state budget. Moreover, the Central Bank of Armenia will apply beneficial conditions for use of banking services for the certified companies. Dedicated to raising the bars in all aspects of our work, we are always looking forward for any opportunity for aiding in building the trust in Armenian companies in the international market. We are convinced that by chasing excellence and paying attention to details regardless of the occupation and activity, local companies will be able to make a huge impact on the reputation of our home country and aid in it’s development. We at Noor Games intend to continue our efforts in building a successful business based…

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Global Game Jam Armenia 2017 is successfully completed

Global Game Jam is one of the biggest international hackathons dedicated to the development of digital and non-digital games. The main objective is to create a game on a given topic within 48 hours. The theme is unveiled only on the day of the event. Participants can use any technology. We have learned about Global Game Jam from our friend Ara Shirinyan, who is a game designer in the USA. The idea was very motivating and we have decided to organize a Global Game Jam Hackathon in Armenia. It was a responsible decision because Global Game Jam 2017 was going to be held for the first time in Armenia. So, we have started to look for a place where we could hold this event. Here we came across with the first obstacle. We have done a lot of research and one of the first organizations who has quickly agreed to cooperate and share with us its experience and resources, was Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE). Two days before the event, we have found out that we were having problems with internet and heating. Aram Keryan – the operations manager of Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) of American University of Armenia (AUA) has kindly agreed to join us as an organizer and provide with comfortable space and all the…

Global Game Jam Armenia 2017

A wonderful news for game lovers! First time in Armenia Global Game Jam international game hackathon on the 20th of January, 2017. GGJ hackathons have been organized since 2009 in 630 different places and has had participants from 93 countries. In 2017 the GGJ will take place in 98 countries including Armenia. The GGJ game hackathon will last 48 hours (3 days). The participants are to bring all the necessary things with themselves (computers, monitors, other technical supplies, stationery, food, etc.) The theme of the game that should be created, will be announced by GGJ in place.

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