No one wants to lose his source of energy. So we need to work hard with fun for it. This game is about protection, protection of our source of energy.

It is the VIM.
Build your own galaxy with love and fun.

Enjoy the process!!!

This is one of the most realistic open world 4×4 experiences on mobile. The 4×4 is not just another vehicle, its a door way to a new world of adventure. Escape the concrete world and get back to nature! The player can explore a handful of different Australian locations, terrain, plants, and epic 4×4 tracks. more here >

This is a casual slots game.
It features different tile types with lots of various behaviours which makes the game unique and pleasurable to play. As a consequence, however, the software architecture becomes extremely complex.
For this game a core engine is created. more here >

Sugar Hunt is a casual platformer runner.
As a result of large effort and creativity the game combines both amazing graphics and smooth gameplay even on lower-end devices.
The game is rich with various obstacles and collectables which adds both a beauty to the game as well as multiplies the complexity for the developers.
more here >