This is a casual slots game.
It features different tile types with lots of various behaviours which makes the game unique and pleasurable to play. As a consequence, however, the software architecture becomes extremely complex.
For this game a core engine is created. more here >

Sugar Hunt is a casual platformer runner.
As a result of large effort and creativity the game combines both amazing graphics and smooth gameplay even on lower-end devices.
The game is rich with various obstacles and collectables which adds both a beauty to the game as well as multiplies the complexity for the developers.
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Egg Rescue is a casual game featuring multiple levels. Unlike other games with similar mechanics, it utilizes precise physics simulation.

Throughout the game development process the artist had received complete instruction regg were implemented.
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Wicked Witch is an infinite runner arcade game. It was created from scratch in a single week.
The game features an unusual parallax effect which adds a unique value to the player’s experience.
As part of the development package, leaderboard functionality,
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