10 Tips for Non-Technical People To Identify Amateur Development Teams

Introduction As a non-technical person have you ever wondered if your technical team is effective? Do you ask yourself if the speed of development and the number of bugs in your project are reasonable? Do you often doubt whether the team you are working with actually suits the needs of your project and should be trusted further? In this post we present to you the symptoms of non-professional software development teams. The points we make have been discussed in the community for a long time and there are multiple sources that we will refer to. We will also add some ideas from the knowledge we have gathered from both working in different companies on different software projects and while being a company and working with multiple customers and other teams. The Symptoms 1. Recurring bugs Recurring bugs are the ones that were once considered fixed but reappear in a later release. This usually happens if a newly implemented feature or a bug fix is somehow related to the area of the original bug. The reason for this phenomenon is related to the fact that while fixing the bug the engineer concentrated only on making the functionality work the way it is described in the expected result of the bug report. Instead, the responsible and professional developer would realize that there…

How To Get Employees With The Required Skills

“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” ― Aristotle Why did we train? Have you ever run a hiring cycle and all candidates appeared to have some important skill missing for your position? We have been there too and we are presenting our solution to you. For us at Noor Games learning is a constant process. It is one of the cornerstones of our company philosophy. We were planning to start regular courses for future game developers at some point during the growth of the company. The intent was to pass the knowledge we collected through our experience to the newer generation, so that they could start their careers with a much higher level of expertise than we did years ago. The main reason for that was our desire to contribute to the information technologies sector of Armenia. While these we considered to be just future plans, we were facing a very urgent issue, and the only way of solving it was to start the trainings immediately. That issue was hiring. To satisfy the growing demand of workforce for the projects we were working on we undertook a hiring cycle. For months we interviewed developers of various expertise and backgrounds with the main focus on C++ developers. We realized that the young and motivated did not have the minimum…

Global Game Jam Armenia 2017 is successfully completed

Global Game Jam is one of the biggest international hackathons dedicated to the development of digital and non-digital games. The main objective is to create a game on a given topic within 48 hours. The theme is unveiled only on the day of the event. Participants can use any technology. We have learned about Global Game Jam from our friend Ara Shirinyan, who is a game designer in the USA. The idea was very motivating and we have decided to organize a Global Game Jam Hackathon in Armenia. It was a responsible decision because Global Game Jam 2017 was going to be held for the first time in Armenia. So, we have started to look for a place where we could hold this event. Here we came across with the first obstacle. We have done a lot of research and one of the first organizations who has quickly agreed to cooperate and share with us its experience and resources, was Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE). Two days before the event, we have found out that we were having problems with internet and heating. Aram Keryan – the operations manager of Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) of American University of Armenia (AUA) has kindly agreed to join us as an organizer and provide with comfortable space and all the…

Global Game Jam Armenia 2017

A wonderful news for game lovers! First time in Armenia Global Game Jam international game hackathon on the 20th of January, 2017. GGJ hackathons have been organized since 2009 in 630 different places and has had participants from 93 countries. In 2017 the GGJ will take place in 98 countries including Armenia. The GGJ game hackathon will last 48 hours (3 days). The participants are to bring all the necessary things with themselves (computers, monitors, other technical supplies, stationery, food, etc.) The theme of the game that should be created, will be announced by GGJ in place.

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We are proud to be the Cocos2d-x regional coordinator

We are one of the pioneers in the world and the first team in Armenia, who has started developing games using Cocos2d-x 3. We have started with Cocos2d-x in 2013 when it was still in 3.0 alpha version. There were no tutorials, no books no forum coverage of the new API and there was no community available for help either. All the resources were from Cocos2d-x 2, the older version of the engine, and after the major revision of the API code snippets usually were not even compiling.

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